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live is about connecting with people, learning, developing  and working together to strategize and plan  your way to success together, try to do it alone and you will always be alone.Work for the success of others and you will build a TEAM.

Change is not impossible


Change is not impossible

When we least expect it , life set us a challenge to test our courage and willingness
to change;at such a moment ,ther is no point in pretnding that nothing has happened
or saying that we are not yet ready.The challenge will not does not look back.
A wek is more than enough time fo us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny

Letter from a father to his son




Letter from a father to his son

Hello Marc , I write in again, and this time for a subject that’s a little more personally you, and of considerable importance. As you know, I like to send you letters. This is so that you can keep them in order to read back them later, or even several times, to drill the deeper meaning. As others say, ‘the words fly, the writings remain ‘. The letter will be a little long, but as said your grandfather: “the biggest fish, found in the deeper waters.» Take your time and read it to the end. “We don’t search not in a big hole, without finding a great thing”, say the former.

Marc , you are a man today; a man age to marry and start a family. And at this point, the most difficult is not so much to start a family, but to know who found it. What woman you how accompany you on the way to your life that you have left to go. Told you my son, is not easy. Because don’t never forget that all women can do from girlfriends, but all may not be wives.

Do not base the choice of your wife on fantasies; This isn’t his beautiful mouth making you happier in your household. Chosen for its pride, integrity and self-respect. Respect your wife will be for you, depends on the respect she wears herself. It is on this basis that the company will meet you. Because if your wife does not respect you, it will be the same for your entourage. My grandfather also said that “the honors of a man sleeping between the legs of his wife. Viewing these men wives insult publicly, what respect do you think their surroundings their door? “The woman is the belt that takes the man’s pants”, do not forget this wisdom of our home.

Most of the children’s education is instilled by their mother. Since the father is rarely present. Therefore, it is important to take into account what your lady has in his head before you decide to have offspring with it. A woman who thinks that the best way to succeed in today’s society is to be beautiful, defaced, or well, is a woman who has nothing to life. This one is similar to a vulgar decorative object. Therefore pay attention to it, because what she thinks, she him indoctrinate your children. “If you ask a dog to educate your child, did marvel not to see your child walk on all fours”, your grandmother often told. Your wife must learn to your children the meaning of efforts and work. Particular to your daughters. The social success of a woman, is no longer to marry a man who has already succeeded in society.

Choose your lady also for his ability to take care of you. We do not courted his future wife as it courted a girlfriend. Often takes you spend a few days in order to evaluate it on this side. For example, you can learn if she knows how to take care of a roof, and especially cooking; It is very important. Where the importance of priority appointments at home, in restaurants. A meal concocted by his wife worth millions of times better than a plate of restaurant. There, it is not known which kitchen, or how.

Avoids a lazy obsessed with its outer shell, which will more time to pass a mirror to ensure the safety of his home. To know what type of slogger is a woman, viewing her nails. If they are long and as shiny as a piece of furniture from the Presidential Palace, tell yourself that one has never held a broom in his life.

Choose your wife for his reports with your family. Do never accept in your House, a woman who is going to put a barrier between you and your inbred. The woman, you’ve had it on the road, you can lose it at any time. The family did not start, the family has no end.

Choose a woman with a big heart. With us, it is not two people who marry, but two families coming together. Our families are sometimes unbearable, it is like that. It is important to know if it will be able to support the whims of your old father, and perhaps the rejection of her sisters-in-law… If in our customs, then marriage the bride carries a basket or a perforated hood is not for nothing. This trash is his heart. It should put the vicissitudes of marriage.

And as it is full of holes, it will never fill. Therefore, your wife should be. If some marriages last, this is not because they don’t know of difficulties, but because when her companion was well chosen, we support them better. A lady who folded luggage for a Yes or a no, will only pass through your life, sooner or later. “A river overflowing each rain made flee campers,” said grandfather. Do the frequent family, brothers and sisters, in order to see how their relations. How it behaves, for example, when one of your sisters looked at it wrong…

Observes the people and places that she frequents. What is printed in our heads, just from our immediate surroundings. If she spent her life in boxes of nights and flow of drinks, surrounded by party girls and light legs, you can pretty much make you an idea that you count put in your House. “A fish that comes from a poisoned water, is not good to eat”, I was often told my grandfather.

It should make your problems, his own. And not one that will take her legs her suddenly as soon as the ship will take a little water. Marriage has highs and lows. If it is not able to cross all situations with you, it is an opportunist to be rid. In this connection, does it not say home when you adopted a dog, you adopted its chips? If it sees only upsides, flee oh! To be fixed, do part it time in of some of your difficulties, even when you did not. Just to see his reaction.

Finally, selected for its ambitions. Your wife should be able to push you to the top. It must not only be an incubator of ideas, but support in your projects. Know tell you when a project is good or not… Avoids taking someone who is going to be a burden. Which, when you do the balance of your life after a few years, didn’t you will help to progress. You must therefore, while you will be attending, outline some plans. Then you shall keep his reaction to evaluate it on this side. As you see, you do not build his life for his wife, it builds with it.

In short, for the rest, it will teach. Because the marriage is also a school. Do you expect therefore not necessarily to find a woman who meets all these criteria, but who will be able to improve. Keep into account my recommendations my child. They do not guarantee you a perfect woman, but one that you can easily bear.

Your old father.




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All of us start our journey in life the same way – innocent and untainted. As we continue  our journey, we develop a certain belief system based on experiences and  Interpretations produced by you or others you look up to. It’s interesting how two people can view the same event so differently. That’s all due to  our personal interpretations and the experiences we’ve had. There are 3 things for which we create interpretations:

1. Ourselves

2. Others

3. The world

To begin understanding where your failures and successes come from, you’ll need to  examine your beliefs regarding these three areas.

– What is your view of yourself? How do you see you?

– How do you view other people? What labels have you placed on people  individually and as a whole?

– How do you view the world in general? Is it a great place to live? Is it filled with  abundance and adventure? Or is it a dark and scary place?

Below are examples of views in each category…

Examples of Self Views

– I’m a bad person

– I’m a good person

– I’m not good enough

– I can’t do that

– I can do anything I put my mind to. Etc…

Anything that starts with an “I” statement is your personal self view.7

These views of your self can be empowering or disempowering/limiting. This view of  Yourself  has  perhaps the biggest influence over your life and the quality of it. If you view  Yourself  as   a powerful person, you will yield power. If you see yourself as a weak  Person , you will yield to others.

Your personal view can be very limiting in terms of personal potential and power. A little  exercise I get my clients to do to discover their self views is the I AM technique.

Simply say “I AM” out loud and finish the sentence.


I AM a loser

I AM stupid

I AM Beautiful

I AM Smart

I AM Ugly

I AM amazing

I AM unlikeable

I AM popular

I AM loved

I AM unlovable


It is crucial that you be as honest with yourself as possible regarding the I AM  statements. I AM statements are the most powerful statements known to mankind.

Whatever you choose to place after “I AM” will shape who you are and who you will  become. The amazing part of this process is that once you are aware of your I AM’s, you can  begin the process of changing your self-view.

To start the process of change, you simply need to change your I AM statements to all  positive statements and work on believing them. The believing process can be  accomplished a lot quicker with the help of a coach who can help you build

8 Examples of Views about others

– People are inherently good

– People are inherently bad

– People are out to get me

– People are nice and want to do me good

– People do their best with what they know

– People don’t care about me

– He’s a jerk

– She’s a bad person

Your views of others are found through the labels you place on them. You have a  general view of people and then you have individual views of specific people. I’ve seen many circumstances where two people can see the same person very  differently. One says; “I don’t like so and so.” While the other person responds with  “why? He’s so nice.” Maybe you see him as “too nice”. There’s got to be something wrong with this person   because “No one is that nice.”

These are simply different interpretations of the same person. One’s life experiences  have a major influence on how they see things and it can determine what you consider  to be good and bad qualities; therefore creating an interpretation of the people around  you.If you’ve lived in an environment where “really nice” people make up most of your  associations, you may see this person as genuine. But if you’ve lived your life in an  environment where miserable people make up the bulk of your associations, you may  see it as weird and suspicious. Hence the comment “no one can be that nice.”

The only reason you don’t believe a person can be “that nice” is simply because you  haven’t been exposed to people of that caliber before. Your interpretation is fueled by  your personal experience and your interpretations of those experiences. Once you are  aware of this fact, you can start to examine your interpretations and begin the process  of change. You can choose to associate better, more positive interpretations to your  circumstances and to the people you meet.

When you catch yourself labeling people, you can take a step back and think to  yourself “What past experience prompted this label?” Also you may want to examine the  emotions behind the label. Is it positive or negative? Working from a state of negative  emotion will never yield good results in any situation. You must examine your emotions  frequently and seek to alter them by making a conscious decision to interact with people  and the world in general through positive emotion.

You can tell negative emotions from positive emotions by the way it makes you feel. If  it’s a negative or bad feeling it’s a negative emotion. If it’s a positive or good feeling it’s  a positive emotion. Simple stuff, but most of us don’t give too much thought to our  emotions or state of being. Examples of World Views

– The world is out to get me

– The world is my oyster

– The world is a scary place

– The world is filled with good people

– The world is corrupt If your view of the world is positive, your view of people will generally be positive as well  because the world is made up of people. A person can view themselves as inherently   good but see the world as inherently bad. But a person who sees the world as a good  place to live will generally view people as good also. Your view of the world is also a very crucial element when it comes to your life  experience and reaching your full potential.  Note: Negative emotions always lead to negative results. So if you’re working  from negative emotion in any of the three areas mentioned above, it will yield  negative results in some way. These 3 views are what shape your reality. Your interpretations within these three  categories make up your life. How you act at any given moment depends on these  views or what I like to call “your beliefs”. Your beliefs are what lead you to act and your  actions lead to your results. In a later chapter I’ll show you how these beliefs are shaping your life. But now, I’m going to teach you the power of “why” and how important it is for your  success. I’ll also teach you how to find your why and how to package it in a way that will  propel you into consistent daily action.

Aging gracefully



Sweet Grape

Aging gracefully, it’s age with his heart;

No remorse, no regrets, without looking at the time;

Go ahead, stop being afraid;

Because, at each age, relates a happiness.

Aging gracefully, it’s age with his body;

Keep it healthy inside, beautiful outside.

Never abdicate before an effort.

Age has nothing to do with the death.


Aging gracefully, is to give a boost to those who feel lost in the Bush, who no longer believe   that life can be smooth and that there is always someone to the rescue.

Aging gracefully, it is ageing positively.

Do not cry over his past memories.

Be proud to have white hair, because, to be happy, there is still time.


Aging gracefully, aging with love, know give without expecting anything in return;

Because wherever you are, at the dawn of the day, there is someone to say hello.

Aging gracefully, it is aging with hope;

Be happy with itself    by lying down at night.

And when will come the point of estoppels, say that at the bottom is only a goodbye.




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